Reblog Feature: Lunch Choices They Will Finish

Hungry for lunch yet? After pondering on how to pack and what to pack those school lunches in, it is time to think about what types of food to bring to school! Oh, the anxiety and stress can mount up sometimes. What lunch choices are there?


In Part One, I briefly mentioned that as a parent, I noticed that fellow parents also were constantly asking around what each child was bringing for lunch. This was in hopes that these lunches would be eaten completely each day.


Click below for tips to a successful lunch box!


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11 thoughts on “Reblog Feature: Lunch Choices They Will Finish

  1. One of the things I failed to consider when my child was in public school (we homeschool now) was ease of opening/closing containers. I know DUH! Mom fail! Also, in our public school system the kids have very little time to eat so I really tried to get the most bang considering time constraints.

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  2. Great advice – it’s amazing – I have one kid who has requested the same lunch everyday for two years and one who couldn’t possibly eat the same thing twice in one week!

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