Pinterest and Canva: My Beginner’s Experiences

Do you have a Pinterest account? I began an account just to look at those delicious photographs of scrumptious desserts and hot soups. There were so many glamourous outfits with luxurious purses and shoes. Then, there were those amazing suggestions for different exotic destinations. How inspiring!

The most wonderful thing happened when I began this lifestyle blog. I discovered that many of my fellow bloggers had a Pinterest account. They were using Pinterest as a way of networking and connecting with other like-minded bloggers. 

What is Pinterest?

For those who are not familiar with Pinterest, it is actually a type of search engine. One can type in the item that they are looking for and all the Pinterest pages that contains that image pops up. For example, I know a lot of brides-to-be use Pinterest for inspirations for their weddings. It is a lot easier to look at dozens of wedding gowns, wedding decor and their websites, instead of searching one by one on a normal search engine. 

After spending some time on Pinterest and switching over to the business version, I was able to monitor how my Pinterest account was doing with the analytics that was part of the business version. I noticed that many experienced accounts were highly suggesting bloggers to use an app called Canva. I had just started to become more interested in connecting more with other bloggers on Pinterest. So I downloaded Canva… and began to fiddle with it….

Here are my current designs….



Do you have Pinterest and are using Canva? Please share your experiences.

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37 thoughts on “Pinterest and Canva: My Beginner’s Experiences

  1. Yes, I have a Pinterest account. How many of us like the pins we see, save the pins, and then never ever get around to trying the pins? This was the thing I experienced most so I ended up only saving pins I tried that actually work (I’m a bit of a pin hoarder). Some pins I tried didn’t work at all so that can be a bit disappointing…

    Here is my biggest pet peeve about Pinterest: Often, I have to click on 10 things just to get to the original website which frustrates me. It usually takes me longer to get to the recipe or DIY instructions thru Pinterest than it does for me to use Google search the traditional way.

    I still think Pinterest can be a useful app, as you will never run out of ideas. There’s TONS of ideas on Pinterest and a great place to look for new projects to try. I still have my account, but I don’t have the Pinterest app on my phone. I only use the desktop version and have even found useful PDFs thru Pinterest which I actually use. 🌸🌸🌸

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  2. I have a Pinterest account and I use Canva. When I first set up my Pinterest business account, I spent a good amount of time on it per day to build a following. I peaked at over 250,000 views and over 8,000 monthly engagement, but when I stepped away for a couple weeks my statistics plummeted. I think Pinterest can be a tremendous traffic driver, but it definitely requires diligence and consistency!

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  3. No, and I know scheduling pins in advance is a huge timesaver. That’s on my list to learn and implement. I put it off for so long because scheduling in advance requires planning content and pins in advance — both of which have historically been a challenge for me. I’m working on time & thought management and productivity right now, and revamping how I approach social media is part of this work. :-/ Do you use Tailwind? How do you like it?

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  4. I use both Pinterest and Canva. For each post I write, I create an image with Canva and I pin it on Pinterest. The good thing with Canva is that there are so many free images you can use there. I love Pinterest, like you, because of all the great pictures and ideas you can find there.
    However, I not so sure about which strategies are working or not on Pinterest. I often see contradictory advice on blogs, it seems that the algorithms behind Pinterest are changing quite often.

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  5. I will definitely follow all your boards now, I love encouraging other mommies like me in this blogging world. I use Pinterest, I like it a lot, but like other person’s I think that Pinterest algorithm is really though, I started using Pinterest on January, I went from 2000 monthly visits, gradually increasing to my best month on May, with 26k views, right when the summer started, my views went down again to 10k view, and is slowly increasing again, this month I had 13k, so I am still figuring out what works for me 😔😩

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  6. I love Pinterest because it’s my excuse for playing with Canva. Canva is like a playground for me 😊 I create a few graphics for most posts – I wonder if that’s overkill? I don’t really care though be yo think it’s fun 🙃

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