Photo of the Day: Sunflowers


Numerous plants have perished in my hands. Honestly, I have never been very good with plants. I tended to over water constantly and drown the poor things. The hope was that watering would make them grow faster! Because of this sad past, I am always surprised if anything I planted grew. This year I found some sunflowers’ seed packets.

There were many tiny, tiny little seeds in the packet. They seemed dried and lack of life. I picked up a few and proceeded towards my little patch of soil.

Slowly, I poked a hole into the soil and spaced the seeds a few inches apart as guided by the instructions of the packet. After covering the seeds up, I sprinkled some water.

Do not water the sunflowers too much, I reminded myself.

First Bloom

The Life Lesson

The sunflower seeds began to grow like the weeds around them. It was hard to differentiate between the plants and the weeds. So I decided to wait a bit longer till I could kind of tell the difference. Sadly, not all of the seeds made it to the final sorting.

Seven plants began to growing fiercely after the final sorting…. The race of the sunflowers was on! Every few days one plant would be ahead and next day another one sprouted a few inches. No one could tell who was going to bloom first for a long time.

The plant that I thought would flower first, still hasn’t bloomed yet. This plant is still growing, now over 7 feet high. The shortest one opened its petals a few weeks ago. I plan to harvest it’s seeds for next year.

Final Thoughts

This is like life in general. You never know the outcome or the future…

But, you must try your best to be the best that you can be!

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59 thoughts on “Photo of the Day: Sunflowers

  1. Beautiful! Sunflowers are really so sunny, they cheer me up. They’re everywhere in my city now. I should treat myself to a bouquet. I could’ve bought some I love today when I was at the Toronto Flower Market. Oh wait…I was carrying my bag and a jasmine plant around! Tomorrow for sure. I love gardening. With time, I have gotten better. I used to kill plants, too…and now I am the “crazy plant lady”!

    You know can grow small Bambino varieties, too? They’re great for pots! I grew some last year on our high rise balcony. If anyone reading this loves sunflowers but is short on space, check out the dwarf varieties 🙂

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  2. My grandmother (my mum’s mum) was very green fingered. Her family were farmers, and she tended an allotment as well as her garden right up until she died.

    But we always laughed that my mum didn’t seem to have inherited the gardening bug from her…that was until my parents moved and mum suddenly started to have an interest in gardening just before she turned 60! She does so well now.

    I don’t have my own garden, but I do some gardening work for others (only the basics like weeding and mowing the lawn)…but one day I would love to know more and have the time to learn all sorts about gardening. I think it would be incredibly satisfying.

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  3. Beautiful photos. I’ve always loved the look of sunflowers, they just made me smile. Also you can eat the seeds so double win. I’m a bit of a plant killer too!

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