Netflix Review: Jim Henson’s The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistence

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Jim Henson gave me a wonderful childhood. “The Muppets” characters were so lovely and realistic to me. I became fascinated by how the puppeteers would work their magic behind the scenes. My favourite character was Kermit the Frog. He seemed so real and genuine. I loved how they talked about issues like emotions and validated the feelings of children.

So when I saw “The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance” appear on my recommendation of Netflix titles, I took notice. It didn’t seem like a comedy or a very joyful series in the picture. It seemed serious. After a bit of searching on the internet, I discovered that this series was a prequel to the 1982 original “The Dark Crystal”!

From 1982….
Original soundtrack cover 1982


This fantasy was a story about an imaginary land called Thra. The guardian of the land, Aughra, was tricked into handing over the powerful Dark Crystal to a clan of carnivorous and evil crow-looking Skeksis. Instead of protecting the different clans of Gelfings ( the original inhabitants of Thra), they used propaganda and false rumours to segregate the Gelfings, so that they had the ultimate power to control them all.

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The Skeksis had been absorbing the power of the Crystal to prolong their life. When the Crystal began to fade, they turned towards their Gelfing subjects…..


1) Rumours and gossip can be dangerous:

– The Skeksis used rumours to spread false information to cover their own crimes and put the blame of scapegoats. Gossip was also utilized to help strengthen their status and powerful image among the Gelfings. Gelfings would turn against each other to be in the favour of their Skeksis lords. Once captured, that was the end.

2) Authorities are not perfect:

– The Gelfings lived for thousand of years under the rule of the Skeksis. It was extremely difficult to convince the others about how evil they were, after Rian (a castle guard) saw a tragedy happen before his own eyes. Rumours were spread that he was a murderer and traitor. Even his family didn’t believe him….

PODLING (lowest ranking being) Photo courtesy

– Princess Brea was from the royal Vapra clan. Her mother was the All Maudra (queen) who was willing to turn a blind eye to some of the unfairness that was happening by the Skeksis. She valued the luxurious lifestyle for her family than be a just ruler.

– Brea was determined to set things right as she dug deeper into the history of Thra and the Sketsis.

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Yay or Nay

The design of the scenery and the puppets were so realistic! I reminded me a little bit of the epic tale, “Lord of the Rings”, but in a smaller scale. It has some dark themes and upsetting scenarios. Definitely not intended for the very young children.

Thought-provoking and I was moved by it. I really appreciate the craftsmanship of all the puppets and scenery!

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45 thoughts on “Netflix Review: Jim Henson’s The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistence

  1. I loved the original as a child and have been meaning to check this out but haven’t had time yet. Thank you for the synopsis, I didn’t know it was a prequel.

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  2. I’ve been going back and forth on whether I want to watch this or not I guess I’m just going to give it a try David watched it while on the plane but only got through 5 minutes and said it wasn’t for him I tend to sleep on planes so I’ll have to put some some time aside to figure out is this is for me check it out over the next month thanks for the review

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  3. Thank you for the review. I’ve been hesitant to watch it based on the high benchmark of my childhood love of the movie. You’re positive review of the puppetry and adult themes have convinced me to give it a try.

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  4. Like you said the image gives a different impression. Now, I will go back and take another look. It sounds like something I would enjoy, Not intense but delivering some good messages.

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  5. The original The Dark Crystal film was a big childhood favourite of mine, so I was thrilled they had made this. It was a wonderful trip down memory lane and I agree it was a stunning visually. 😍I was sad they have cancelled their plans to make a second season. 🙁

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