Reblog (Local Business) Feature: Port Moody Refillery

I have always been a big supporter of local, small businesses. Most importantly, I love to discover eco-friendly products and watch them flourish.

Through my years of visiting different trade shows, I was able to connect with many entrepreneurs and businesses, who were passionate about what they were doing.

As a consumer or business, our community should work as a large family to help support our environment too.

“Without the support of our local small businesses, GogoBags would not have grown so much in such a short time! We believe that working together to support the local community is also very important. This week we want show our…”

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16 thoughts on “Reblog (Local Business) Feature: Port Moody Refillery

  1. Bill and I believe that supporting small businesses is the way to go whenever possible as well. It’s such a wonderful thing to know that you are helping keep someone else’s dream alive! Without our support, there is no way brick and mortar stores can keep their doors open. So many of these places are truly special and offer what no other place ever could.

    Thanks for spreading the reminder that we should be helping others along their journey too! ♥

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    1. A refillery is where you can refill your daily shampoos and soaps and only paying for the products and not the packaging.

      Their snack bags are made of high quality cotton and reduce our need for plastic ones. The veggie ones are my favourite for keeping fruit and veggies fresher and longer;)


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