Beating My Own Record

It’s September! I have been working on my blog for three months now. It has been a wonderful journey of learning and getting to know more like-minded people out there. I have learned to much from so many kind and helpful folks, who are so willing to give me useful advice. Thank you!

This lifestyle blog is my channel to share and to release my creativity and even, my frustrations that happen in my surroundings. I am honoured that my blog posts have received such positive and welcoming feedback! I will continue to do my very best to share what I love to you!

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85 thoughts on “Beating My Own Record

  1. Thanks for sharing Chov! I enjoyed reading your blog and why you have decided to embark on this blog journey. I’m still learning too, so love to also connect with like minded bloggers. It’s amazing how we can virtually support one another and cheer each other on. I’m following you, so look forward to reading more about your life happenings and being a blog support friend virtually. Keep up the great work! Please follow me, as we got to support one another!

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  2. congratulations! So happy you are enjoying your blogging journey – it is such a learning experience right? it part of what makes it fun.

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  3. Woot woot Chocoviv!!!! Ultra proud of you! And super super happy too! Love your blog! ❤️🍫😃 Love your positivity! 🌟💛💫

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    Kindly email me:
    may I please know your email add?


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  4. Aw! Congratulations! It’s such a wonderful feeling when you’ve worked hard on something and see it getting a positive response, isn’t it? Confirms you’re on the right track!

    Many blessings to you. I pray continued success for you, now and in the future! Thanks for sharing your life with all of us! 💕 ~ Holly

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