Reblog Feature: The Ultimate European Bucket List (Compiled by A View Outside)

I love Europe! I was very fortunate to have travelled to Greece, England, Italy, and Croatia a few years back. So, when a fellow travel blogger, Ciara, of “A View Outside” began to compile a bucket list of European places to visit, I wanted to contribute too!

Thank you, “A View Outside”for the opportunity to meet so many other travel bloggers!

Check out some of the incredible photos!

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“Whether you have visited Europe several times or you are at the beginning stages of planning your trip, you will, of course, have destinations in mind that you simply must visit. Europe is a vast destination and there is so much to see and do, so no European bucket list will be the same.

However, at the same time, while there are several amazing must-see sites and activities that should be on everyone’s bucket list when they travel to Europe – and you should see and do them – there are also incredible hidden gems waiting for you to explore.

This post is all about truly amazing bucket-list experiences in Europe such as being taught how to cook true Italian food, exploring the birthplace of Dracula, learning about Irish folktales, experiencing Eastern European thermal baths and so much more. In this post, incredible travel bloggers from around the world have shared their top European bucket list activities, and here’s what they had to say.” — Ciara, A View Outside.

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