Reblog Feature: How to De-stress Before Going Back to School

Summer holidays is coming to an end! Every parent and child can only think about going back to school. Are you preparing yourself for what’s to come? For most families with children, summer holidays are for relaxing and having fun. Therefore, the mere mention of the idea of going back to school can disrupt this mentality.

Suddenly, there is a sense of unseen urgency and panic among many parents and students. Time to de-stress!…..

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12 thoughts on “Reblog Feature: How to De-stress Before Going Back to School

  1. It is many years ago since ago, that my kids had the age for school, but I do remember 🙂
    You seem to be new in here, why I will advice you not to use more than max. 14 tags to your posts, otherwise it will not show up in the Reader, so your followers will see your posts.

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  2. I have taught in the public and private sectors and home schooled my now grown boys. Currently, I am home schooling my granddaughter. I don’t really get much of a summer off but she is excited about school starting back. 😉 Still, the bed time is going back to earlier to prepare her.

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  3. I can’t believe that happened to me, but this year I actually left the shopping for the very last minute (very unlike me) and yeah – that was not fun:) so good tip there.

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