Book Review: Lady Killer by Jeff Richards

The title, Lady Killer, caught me eye. There could be quite a few different interpretations to that name. I was curious. What could it mean? So, I began to flip the pages on my Kindle. Honestly, it took me a long time to finish it as I had to really slowly digest the painful words that actually triggered some memories.


This story revolved around a very handsome and attractive middle-aged gentleman. He was recently divorced and was still learning to adjust to his newly-discovered single life. He missed his children deeply and would think about companionship in his future.

Among his circle of friends, there were a few married couples, whose relationship was on the rocks. He was very popular in his younger years and still was the talk of the town whenever he was seen with another woman.


The themes that I focused on as I was reading were very real and heart-breaking. My heart aches even through the supposedly happier parts:

Obsessive infatuation: – How one person can be so obsessed with another that they are willing to risk everything to with that person. Even though they know this will destroy their lives.

Loneliness: – To be surrounded by friends, but still feel lonely inside.

Abuse: – Emotional and physical abuse was kept under wraps. “It’s not so bad….”until something happens….

Yay or Nay

I wanted to keep reading as I wanted to know if the handsome gentleman ends up with the love of his life in the end. But, I couldn’t finish the book in one sitting. As a young woman, I watched so much violence against women on the news and social media. Emotional abuse was often ridiculed and laughed at whenever women spoke out about it. Look at the #MeToo movement! Some men said that we are too sensitive and it’s all a joke?! That type of response angered me. Because of my small stature and youthful appearance, I, personally, was on the receiving end of this cruelty. And was told to just, “Suck it up!”…..

Thank you, Mr. Richards, for writing this book. It ignited a fire inside my heart that many tried to put out. And yes, there were some steamy parts and a little bit of coarse language in it, if you were wondering!

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40 thoughts on “Book Review: Lady Killer by Jeff Richards

  1. This definitely sounds like an interesting read! Has a few triggers for some though, so definitely not everyone’s cup of tea. I’ve actually never heard of either the author of the book. Sometimes I feel as though I live under a rock. Great review and I’m glad you enjoyed it!

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  2. This sounds like an amazing read! I’m definitely adding this to my reading list. Thank you so much for sharing and I’m so sorry to hear what you’ve been through xx

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  3. I hope my spouse will consider reading this. she’s “the consummate reader” in our house. I might, some-day, but am such a slow reader with a few books “in the queue” that it’ll be a while …

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  4. This sounds like a very interesting read! I will definitely give it a try. The topic would definitely make me a little anxious but I love challenging myself. 💗

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