Book Review: Culture Rebel (Because the world has enough desperate housewives) by Connie Jakab

As a parent of two tweens, the topic of mental health constantly floats to the surface of my consciousness. To have more grit, to be more resilient in this constantly changing and highly demanding world… Growing up in the 90s, life was already drastically changing, as my friends and I began to be carrying pagers and some, even those humongous cellphones.We called those “Water Bottles”! Life was simpler back then…

Fast forward to the present day…

As part of my training as an Early Childhood Educator, I became more alert and sensitive to the challenges that our young ones face on a daily basis. That was why I went to Connie Jakab’s talk about her experiences with her family and dealing with mental health. Her book, Culture Rebel, was the first book that I picked up…


As a mom of two, I completely understand the stresses of modern-day life that faces us moms daily. We have to deal with all the expectations of being a fashionable and up-to-date parent. But here is the problem, she writes, “ Too many adults are living with no purpose in life, and raising their kids and teens in their no-purpose footsteps.”


This book focuses on being a real “Culture Rebel”. I love how she doesn’t condemn the aspect of consumerism, but to redirect it to benefit others and ultimately, the world around us.

As author is herself a Christian, she does use some Christian aspects that can be compared to anyone’s lifestyle, regardless of their religious backgrounds.

The main focus is the shifting of focusing on the individual to the community as a whole.

Yay or Nay

I really enjoyed this quick read! I always believed in the emphasis of the community in the upbringing of my children. Connie is an amazing supermom, who also has her own battles that she fights daily, just like us!

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