Netflix Series Review: Typewriter

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It was late at night and I was clicking down my Netflix collection. Having finished another thrilling series, I was in search of another intriguing one to binge on. As I scrolled down to my International Thriller suggestions, “Typewriter” appeared. Immediately, I was captivated. Somehow, the word “typewriter” reminded me of the children’s scary collection “Goosebumps”. So, I selected this series.

Photo Courtesy of Netflix

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“Typewriter” featured a group of elementary children, who formed a “Ghost Club” to search for ghosts, of course. However, the main spirit that they were most interested was the “Ghost of Sultanpur”. The house in that book was in their town. So, they wanted to go inside and do some ghost-hunting. Unfortunately, the granddaughter, who used to live there, came back as the new owner of the mansion.


I noticed that the main leader of the “Ghost Club”, lost her mother when she was little due to illness. Similarly, the new owner, Jenny, lost her mother when she was young due to a mysterious death. Having this common linkage, naturally brought them closer together in the story.

Writer’s block happened in the story. Jenny’s grandfather was the writer of “Ghost of Sultanpur”. After that huge success, he desperately needs another thrilling story. He was stuck. Therefore, he was very desperate. Sometimes, as a writer, you might feel like you would do ANYTHING to be able to just type out those words….right?

Yeah…or meh?

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As a mother, the connections between the youngsters and the mother attracts my attention. Although I am not familiar with any of the actors or actresses in this series, my favourite is the little leader of the “Ghost Club”. Her character was a strong, spunky and yes, defiant child that gave her police officer father chronic headaches.

I enjoyed this series. It was entertaining and had some spooky scenes too. Perfect for the midnight binge fest. Yeah for me!

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32 thoughts on “Netflix Series Review: Typewriter

  1. I haven’t noticed this show on my Netflix offers. I would look for it, it sounds different and interesting. I have been binging on “Trinkets” this week and on “Wanted”, and liked both a lot. Thanks for sharing about it:)

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  2. This sounds really intriguing! And I think I’m going to have to check this out with my boyfriend later!
    Thank you so much for sharing 😀

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