Book Review: Ghost Stories and Mysterious Creatures of British Columbia

As I settled my bags in the barn, yes, I was living in a barn! My AirBnb was situated in rural British Columbia, in a genuine farm. The night was quiet and quite dark. I got familiar with the place and decided to look around. I saw a little bookshelf with a couple dozen of books. One red cover caught my eye—Barbara Smith’s “Ghost Stories and Mysterious Creatures of British Columbia“. How appropriate!! Well, the night was still young and I had enough time to read through this interesting title. Why not look through to see if I could find some of the locations of British Columbia that I was visiting?


The province of British Columbia had a long history emerging from the Gold Rush. Therefore, there were many stories spanning decades and even throughout the century.

The Ghost Town of Barkerville (my photo) was in the book.

Firstly, there were stories of houses within the city, even naming some streets and places that still exist today.

Secondly, my favourite parts were the stories of some of the places and museums that I had just visited on my trip or was going to….

Thirdly, it wrote about some of British Columbia’s famous mythical or fantasy creatures.

Useful Themes

As a child, I was always interested in history. Hence, this book was like a historical recollection of the memories of the people who lived in British Columbia. It was a wonderful enhancement to my British Columbia road trip.

Must-Read or Pass

This picture was taken beside the “relic” at The Museum of Quesnel, as we aren’t supposed to photograph that “relic”.

This is a must-read for anyone who plans to road trip or travel through British Columbia. Unfortunately, this book is already out of print. I tried to look for it at the Museum of Quesnel, where one of the “relics” located. And yes, I had a great chat with the curator there and she was very kind to share some stories too…

It’s time to visit a local library for this book now!

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18 thoughts on “Book Review: Ghost Stories and Mysterious Creatures of British Columbia

  1. I love reading ghost stories. I have read this book yet but I do own the Midwest Ghost Story book and it is interesting. I would love to read this version because I don’t know any ghost stories about British Columbia!

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  2. Are you Canadian, Chocoviv? I was actually born and raised in British Columbia. My husband and I are still living here on the West Coast. I’m not big on ghost stories, but the fact that it was a British Columbia story caught my eye. 🙂 Interesting post. I’m not sure if I’ve ever been to Barkerville. If I have it was when I was a child.

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