The Beginning of My Lifestyle Blog

Welcome to Chocoviv’s Lifestyle Blog! Many of my friends asked me time and time again to start a blog. Somewhere where I can share more details about my experiences. This blog is very casual. This is a place where like-minded folks like myself can discover new and fun things about life.

Just remember that we are all human and mistakes reminds us that we need to be kind. Social media can be quite negative. I hope that this Lifestyle Blog can add some positivity to our lives.

Being a personal blog, all comments and ideas are solely mine. I hope to share what I love and experience to all my followers.4B0A94D7-9277-4D87-93D2-2F8DA99FAC6E


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104 thoughts on “The Beginning of My Lifestyle Blog

  1. The negative side about social media used to hold me back in blogging as well, but let’s just really hope for the best. Good luck❤

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  2. Enjoy blogging ❤ just started this blog myself, though I've been doing books/arts blogging for longer. Can't wait to read your future posts!

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  3. Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging! I can’t wait to see what posts you come up with. If you ever need a hand with anything, don’t hesitate to drop me an email! Always happy to help. xx
    El // Welsh Wanderer

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  4. I feel the exact same way. It’s just negativity after negativity on social media, so I am so happy to have found your blog. Looking forward to more posts!❤

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  5. I’m excited! I agree that we need a little bit of positivity sometimes, and I look forward to reading more from you. I also love the photo, it’s really cute ❤

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